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Canon 100d vs 1300d eos – The Comparison Of The Two Canon Models

small differences – Canon 100d vs 1300d

First up is us with that Comparison of the Canon 100d vs. Canon 1300d caught the price. So this is absolutely low for such cameras. We were also able to find out the release date of the two products. The Canon 100d was launched in 2013, while the Canon 1300 has only been available since 2016. Nevertheless, the price is a real bargain for both the one and the other product.

For such a low price, you can’t expect too much when it comes to the features of both cameras. For example, both the 100d and the 1300d have 17.9 MP. The average is around mid-20s, you can say. The light sensitivity of both Canon models is also only 12,800 ISO.
Second, we took a closer look at the screen. So we could aim for a comparison, which, however, had both LCDs and a size of 7.6 cm. The points in the area of ​​resolution then showed a difference. If the Canon 100d already has a high resolution with good 1040k points, the Canon 1300d only has a resolution of 920k points. The difference is not serious, but it is worth mentioning and good to know.

the live view

canon eos 100d vs 1300d A live view is guaranteed for both products and it is also not possible for you to fold out the screen – as is the case with both cameras. In this category, however, we were able to determine a difference – the touchscreen. The d100 has a touchscreen, while the 1300d doesn’t have one.

The dimensions of the camera itself are also quite interesting. In our comparison we were able to find out that the Canon 100d is a bit smaller and therefore more compact than the Canon 1300d. The depth also differs greatly in this context. The depth of the Canon 100d is 6.9 cm and that of the Canon 1300d 7.8 cm. Almost a good centimeter difference! On the other hand, there is almost no difference in the weight of the two products.

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Interchangeable lenses can be found on both cameras, but they cannot have a built-in focus motor. Likewise, these Canon cameras are neither weatherproof nor waterproof.

the focus of both DSLRs

We would now like to briefly address the focus. So you get 9 focus points delivered with both the 100d and the 1300d. Please always keep an eye on the very low price. What is also noticeable in this category is that only the 1300d has phase detection. The Canon 100d has a hybrid recognition – a rather rare choice, but still found in some cameras.

A memory slot can be found in both cameras from our comparison and both models support the most popular formats.
You will also find a built-in flash and a pop-up flash on both the 100d and the 1300d.

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