Canon eos 1300d vs Nikon d3300: Comparison & Reviews

Which model has better features – Canon eos 1300d vs nikon d3300

These two models come from different manufacturers, which is why the comparison Canon Eos 1300d vs. Nikon d3300 turned out to be particularly exciting. Of course, we immediately noticed the very low price of the two products. These are well below the average at just under 300 euros. A real bargain, but we have to emphasize at this point that a professional photographer will never reach for such a cheap camera. These two cameras are designed to suit hobby photographers.
The two models came out with a good year break between the release date. Thus the ideal products for a camera comparison.

It is noticeable at first glance that the Canon Eos 1300d has significantly fewer megapixels to offer than the Nikon d3300. With the Canon Eos 1300d this drops to 17.9 MP, while the Nikon d3300 already has 24.2 MP. One must say a considerable difference.
In contrast, the light sensitivity of 12,800 ISO is the same for both products.

Size of the display

Canon eos 1300d vs Nikon d3300 Then we took a closer look at the screen. But even here we could not find any direct difference. Both cameras have an LCD, have a size of 7.6 cm and a resolution of 920k points.

A live view is given with the 1300d and also with the d3300. On the other hand, you will unfortunately look in vain for a fold-out screen or a touchscreen at Canon and Nikon. Unfortunately, these aspects are not given here.

When you buy a new product, of course you first take a look at the device yourself. The look is crucial here. However, the dimensions of the two cameras are relatively close to each other in comparison. The depth and weight also show only minimal differences. Interchangeable lenses can be found on the Canon Eos 1300d and also on the Nikon d3300. Neither model is weatherproof or waterproof, and you won’t find a built-in focus motor here either.

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Of course, the battery life is also interesting. After all, you want to take some photos before the camera has to be recharged. It would be a shame if you go on a trip and the camera gives up the ghost after just a few pictures. With the 1300d, you have the option of taking up to 500 recordings. With the d3300, on the other hand, you can take 200 more pictures – i.e. 700 photos. A huge difference when you consider how many 200 photos are.

the focus points

We would also like to briefly go into the focus directly. In our comparison, the Canon Eos 1300d vs. Nikon d3300 both models have a phase detection. The focus points, however, then differ again. So you only get 9 focus points with the 1300d and 11 focus points with the d3300. A difference, but also very little. Both the Canon and the Nikon are not exactly convincing in this area. At this point you also have to pay attention to the price. After all, you pay very, very little for these two cameras. You shouldn’t expect too much from it.

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