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Nikon d500 vs d750 In Direct Comparison

the facts about the models – Nikon d500 vs d750

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Nikon D750

Nikon D500

model Nikon D750 Nikon D500

from € 1,178.26

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

€ 1,472.95

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

Resolution (megapixel) 24.3 20.7
Focus points 51 153
Photosensitivity (ISO) 51200 1640000
Max. Continuous shooting (fps) 6.5 10
Video resolution 1080 2160
Weight (g) 750 860
Folding screen
Touch screen


from € 1,178.26

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

€ 1,472.95

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

can be found here! can be found here!

The price of the two Nikon models mentioned here is pretty much in the same class. So you should orient yourself less based on the price, but rather on the individual properties of the products.
Only a year passed between the appearance of the d500 and the d750. However, a lot of technology may have changed during this time and previous problems may have been resolved.

In this comparison of Nikon d500 vs. Nikon d750 already shows that the number of megapixels has improved a lot. The d500 has 20.7 MP, while the Nikon d750 can convince with 24.3 MP.
The photosensitivity of these products is also particularly different. For the Nikon d500 this is a whopping 1,640,000 ISO and for the Nikon d750 only an average of 12,800 ISO.

Resolution of the display

The screen itself was set up in the same way – if you look at the 8.1 cm size of both models. But there is another big difference when you take a closer look at the resolution. With the d500 this is 2359k points – a very good value. The Nikon d750 has 1229k points. A value that is a lot lower than that of the d500.
It is also noticeable that the Nikon d500 has a touchscreen, but the d750 does not. A live view, however, is given with both cameras and the screen itself can be folded out.

many focus points

Nikon d500 vs d750Of course, the focus itself is also interesting. Phase detection is of course given for both products, as we were able to do this in our comparison of the Nikon d500 vs. Nikon d750 notice. But there is again a huge difference in the focus points. The d750 is in the good midfield with 51 focus points. But the d500 has a total of 153 focus points. A very big difference, which you should definitely consider before buying. If you only had to decide based on the focus, the Nikon d500 would of course be the better choice.

The memory slots are also immediately noticeable. In our comparison, the Nikon d500 vs. Nikon d750 the first model by just one slot, while the second model has two slots.

Our comparison of the two cameras showed that the battery life does not make any difference. You can take around 1230-1240 shots with both models before you have to recharge the battery.

It might be interesting that the d500 already has a GPS function. However, the d750 does not have this factor. Of course this is just a kind of gimmick and not decisive for the use of the camera itself. But this aspect should not be left out either. After all, your new camera has to meet your requirements exactly.

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