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Nikon D5200 vs D5300 Comparison: Which One is Better?

two similar models – the Nikon d5200 vs. Nikon d5300

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Nikon D5200

Nikon D5300

model Nikon D5200 Nikon D5300

€ 242.99

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

€ 798.00

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

Resolution (megapixel) 24 24
Focus points 39 39
Photosensitivity (ISO) 25600 25600
Max. Continuous shooting (fps) 5 5
Video resolution 1080 1080
Weight (g) 555 480
Folding screen
Touch screen


€ 242.99

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

€ 798.00

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

Check availability! Check availability!

Nikon is a very well known manufacturer in the field of cameras. Photographers – whether professional or hobby – like to use these products because you can expect a lot from them. No matter which product you choose here, you can always expect very good quality and workmanship. In this regard there is neither with Nikon d5200 vs. Nikon d5300 a difference, even with the numerous other products that you can purchase from Nikon.

But of course every model is revised over time and the manufacturer wants to surpass itself with its products. More and more new technology is being built in, and research is always showing new results, which in turn can be incorporated into the construction of new cameras.
There is only one year between the Nikon d5200 and the Nikon d5300, which is why you won’t notice any great differences between these two models.
So it is of course no wonder that the price of these two products is pretty much the same. Only a few euros are given here as a difference. The only important thing for you at this point is that you compare individual providers with one another and then of course choose the cheaper product.

similar properties

Nikon d5200 vs Nikon d530024 megapixels, a crop factor of a good 1.5 x and built-in sensor cleaning are available in both the Nikon d5200 and the Nikon d5300. These three mentioned aspects are particularly important in the sensor area, which is why we have mentioned them to you. But as you can see for yourself, there is no difference here.
It looks a little different with the photosensitivity, but not with the photosensitivity (Boost). The boost is the same for both models – it is 25,600 ISO. However, the pure light sensitivity is designed somewhat differently. The Nikon d5200 only has 6,400 ISO, while the Nikon d5300 already has 12,800 ISO. Quite a significant difference as you can see for yourself.

LCD was chosen as the type of screen for both. However, this type of screen is also available on many other Nikon models. The size of the screen shows a slight difference. The size of the Nikon d5200 is 7.6 cm and that of the Nikon d5300 8.1 cm. A small difference, but not to be underestimated with such a camera.
Both models do not yet have a touchscreen, but the screen of both the Nikon d5200 and the Nikon d5300 can be folded out. Both products already have a live view.

the weight

If you then take a closer look at the product from the outside, you will quickly see that there are hardly any differences to be found here either. The dimensions are almost identical, as is the depth. Only the weight is a bit strange here. The Nikon d5200 is a good 555 g, a lot heavier than the Nikon d5300, which is only 480 g.
Both models from this brand are not waterproof and weatherproof, but there are interchangeable lenses for both products.
A 3D function or the panorama function is not available in both products, but the HDR function, which the Nikon d5200 and the Nikon d5300 have.

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