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Nikon d5500 vs Canon 760d Comparison, Review & Specs

Which has more good features – Nikon d5500 vs. Canon 760d

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Canon EOS 760D

Nikon D5500

model Canon EOS 760D Nikon D5500

€ 499.99

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

€ 440.00

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

Resolution (megapixel) 24 24
Focus points 19th 39
Photosensitivity (ISO) 25600 25600
Max. Continuous shooting (fps) 5 5
Video resolution 1080 1080
Weight (g) 565 420
Folding screen
Touch screen


€ 499.99

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

€ 440.00

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

Check availability! Check availability!

At the Comparison of the Nikon d5500 vs. Canon 760d It turns out that both cameras hit the market pretty much the same. There are only a few weeks between the release date of both models. This gives you a very good comparison, as none of them have a lead due to new technology.
The price is of course the first aspect to look out for when buying. But you can confidently use both manufacturer models. Both the Nikon d5500 and the Canon 760d are in the norm with a good 500 euros. These two products only fluctuate a few euros in price. Of course, it would be a good idea if you did some research beforehand and obtained information. The sellers offer the cameras at different prices. This information from us is the cheapest price we have found.

the autofocus

Nikon d5500 vs.  Canon 760dWe would like to start with the focus at this point. Unfortunately, this aspect is often forgotten, although it is very important if you want to focus on an object while taking a photo. The Canon 760d has significantly fewer focus points than the Nikon d5500. The Canon 760d only has 19 focus points, whereas the Nikon d5500 can shine with 39 focus points. This is a difference that is very evident and should definitely be noted. The higher this number of points, the better you can focus and thus capture objects.

In contrast, both models have phase detection in comparison.
The lightning itself is also quite interesting. Both models have a built-in flash in comparison Nikon d5500 vs. Canon 760d. But the Canon 760d does not have a pop-up flash, which the Nikon d5500 does.

At this point, we would also like to briefly discuss the performance. More precisely, the battery life. After all, you want to be able to take photos for a while before you have to recharge your camera. Here, too, a comparison of the Nikon d5500 vs. Canon 760d big differences. For example, you can only take 440 pictures with the Canon 760d before the battery runs out. With the Nikon d5500, however, you have the option of taking up to 820 pictures. This difference is very serious, you can say, which is why you should keep this aspect in mind.

the field of view

On the other hand, both the Nikon d5500 and the Canon 760d have a penta mirror. The field of view is 95% on both models.
In our comparison of the Nikon d5500 vs. Canon 760d also find that both models are neither waterproof nor weatherproof. You should pay attention to this aspect in any case, otherwise the camera can be destroyed very quickly. Light dripping will not cause much damage, but rain or falling into water can be bad for the product itself.

Therefore, extreme caution should always be exercised here and this aspect should not be forgotten.
Neither the Nikon d5500 nor the Canon 760d have a built-in focus motor.

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