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Nikon D610 vs D750 – Two Very Convincing Cameras

Which DSLR is more convincing – Nikon d610 vs d750

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Nikon D610

Nikon D750

model Nikon D610 Nikon D750

€ 874.00

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

from € 1,178.26

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

Resolution (megapixel) 24.2 24.3
Focus points 39 51
Photosensitivity (ISO) 25600 51200
Max. Continuous shooting (fps) 6 6.5
Video resolution 1080 1080
Weight (g) 760 750
Folding screen
Touch screen


€ 874.00

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

from € 1,178.26

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

can be found here! can be found here!

In this article we would like to compare the two Nikon models – more precisely the Nikon d610 and the Nikon d750. These two cameras were launched around the same time. There is only a good year between the two publication dates.
Of course, the price also catches the eye – after all, you also want to know what exactly you have to pay for this new camera. There isn’t much of a difference, but you should know that the Nikon d610 is a bit cheaper than the Nikon d750.

The number of megapixels is a good 24 for both cameras and the crop factor is 1x for both cameras.
Then it becomes interesting with the light sensitivity. At 6,400 ISO this is much lower for the Nikon d610 than for the Nikon d750 with 12,800 ISO. The light sensitivity (boost) already shows a difference. In our comparison, this is 25,600 ISO for the Nikon d610 and 51,200 ISO for the Nikon d750.

the autofocus system

Nikon d610 vs d750The focus system should not be forgotten either. Phase detection is already available on both models. But the focus points differ in our comparison Nikon d610 vs. Nikon d750 very strong. The Nikon d610 only has 39 focus points, while the Nikon d750 can already have 51 focus points.

The battery life is also interesting. This tells you how many pictures you can take before you have to recharge the battery. With the Nikon d610, you only have 900 photos. With the Nikon d750, on the other hand, you can take very good 1230 pictures. This is a very important difference, which you should be aware of in any case.

more features

Both models do not support GPS and 3D. A panorama function is also not given in our comparison.
Both models – Nikon d610 and Nikon d750 – have two memory slots. Both cameras also support a very wide range of formats. An aspect that shouldn’t be neglected either.

Of course, the look itself is also interesting. The dimensions are absolutely identical and the depth only differs by 0.4 cm. In terms of weight, we were able to compare the Nikon d610 vs. Nikon d750 find that there isn’t a huge difference here.
Neither Nikon model is waterproof, but the cameras are weatherproof. Both models also have a built-in focus motor.
You won’t find a touchscreen on either the Nikon d610 or the Nikon d750. The screen can only be folded out so far on the Nikon d610, but not on the Nikon d750.

A live view, on the other hand, is given to you with both models from our comparison of Nikon cameras.
In the end, the resolution of the screen may be interesting. With the Nikon d610 you only have a resolution of 921k points and with the Nikon d750 1229k points. This difference is probably the biggest in our comparison of the Nikon d610 vs. the Nikon d750. Otherwise, both products have LCD as a type and the size of the screen is 8.1 cm.

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