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Nikon d700 vs d750 – The Comparison Of The Two Cameras

What can the two models – Nikon d700 vs d750

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Nikon D700

Nikon D750

model Nikon D700 Nikon D750

€ 351.00

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

from € 1,178.26

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

Resolution (megapixel) 12.1 24.3
Focus points 51 51
Photosensitivity (ISO) 25600 51200
Max. Continuous shooting (fps) 5 6.5
Video resolution 1080
Weight (g) 1074 750
Folding screen
Touch screen


€ 351.00

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

from € 1,178.26

incl. 16% statutory VAT.

can be found here! can be found here!

In this comparison we would like to compare the Nikon d700 and the Nikon d750. Both cameras are very good models, which can show a great workmanship and quality. Even if both cameras come from the same manufacturer, it is interesting to see what differences there are.

The first thing that catches your eye is the price. So you can usually buy the d700 cheaper than the d750. You should keep this in mind. But you have to be fair at this point and point out that the d700 was launched in 2008, while the Nikon d750 has only been available since 2014. This is a long period of time in which a lot can or has happened in terms of technology.

the resolution

You can already see this big leap in the number of megapixels. The Nikon d700 only has 12.1 MP, while the d750 already has 24.3 MP.
The light sensitivity and the light sensitivity (boost) also show the first big differences. In our comparison, the d750 can shine with ISO 12,800 and ISO 51,200. The Nikon d700, on the other hand, only has 6,400 ISO or 25,600 ISO to offer. This difference – especially when it comes to light sensitivity (boost) – is already very large. This shows again what can be achieved in a few years of development. Both models, however, have sensor cleaning.

The focus system is of course also very interesting when comparing the d700 vs. d750. Both cameras have phase detection and 51 focus points.
Both models from Nikon have a built-in flash and a pop-up flash.

Number of memory card slots

Nikon d700 vs d750On the other hand, the storage space is again noticeable. The d700 only has one storage space, while the d750 can already have two slots. The d750 also supports a lot more different and common formats than the d700 does in our comparison.
We also found a big difference in image quality. This is 80.0 for the Nikon d700 and 93.0 for the d750. This also results in the respective performance in low light. The Nikon d750 has 2956 ISO and the d700 2303 ISO. Another difference that you should be aware of.
Neither the Nikon d700 nor the Nikon d750 have built in a panorama function or a GPS. However, both models support RAW.

In our comparison, the two Nikon models mentioned are not waterproof, but they are weatherproof. However, you should not equate or confuse these two aspects with each other, so that you will not experience any nasty surprises.

The size and the depth itself are pretty much the same in our comparison of the Nikon d700 vs. Nikon d750. However, the weight then differs again. The older d700 weighs a lot more than the newer d750. There is a difference in weight of a good 500 g. A significant difference, even if it doesn’t sound like much.

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