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Nikon d800 vs d810 – The Comparison Of Two High Quality DSLRs

In detail – Nikon d800 vs d810

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Nikon D800

Nikon D810

model Nikon D800 Nikon D810
Resolution (megapixel) 36.2 36.2
Focus points 51 51
Photosensitivity (ISO) 25600 51200
Max. Continuous shooting (fps) 4th 5
Video resolution 1080 1080
Weight (g) 1000 880
Folding screen
Touch screen
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The Nikon d800 and also the Nikon d810 are relatively expensive products. They came onto the market a good five years ago and there is also a two-year development time between the respective year of publication, but a lot of money is still required for them. The d810 is a lot more expensive than the d800. This is where professional photographers tend to use it rather than pure hobby photographers.

In terms of megapixels, both products offer you the same amount – namely 36.2 MP. The average, one can say, is a good 24 megapixels. Thus, these two models are much better structured in this regard.
What is striking, however, in this context is the sensitivity to light. But the light sensitivity (boost) also shows a difference. In our comparison, we found out that the d800 has data of 6,400 ISO and 25,600 ISO. The Nikon d810, on the other hand, even has 12,800 ISO or 51,200 ISO. Quite a significant difference when you compare the two cameras so directly. But not only this aspect differs in our comparison Nikon d800 vs. Nikon d810.

Size of the screen

Nikon d800 vs d810So the next thing we noticed was the screen itself. A very essential part of an SLR camera. The size of the Nikon d800 and the Nikon d810 are identical – at 8.1 cm. LCD was also used as a species for both products. But the difference came with the resolution. While the Nikon d800 only has 921k points, the Nikon d810 already has 1229k points. Not too big a difference, but still worth mentioning. With values ​​like this, the slightest difference counts.

The size and depth of the cameras are absolutely identical in our comparison. So far there is not an inch of difference to be found. However, the d800 is relatively heavy with a weight of just over one kilogram. While the d810 weighs “only” 880 g in comparison. If you have to or will hold the camera in your hands for longer, you will notice this difference in weight quite strongly. Even if it doesn’t sound like much.

with focus motor

Both models have interchangeable lenses and a focus motor. Both the Nikon d810 and the d800 are weatherproof, but not waterproof. Here you should always pay close attention to the information and not confuse them. Two pairs of shoes are waterproof and weatherproof, as the popular saying goes.

Since we have just mentioned the focus motor, we would also like to briefly address the focus itself. In our comparison, we found that both the Nikon d800 and the d810 have phase detection and each have 51 focus points. An important aspect that is unfortunately more and more often forgotten.
In terms of image quality, performance in low light, and also color depth and dynamic range, our comparison Nikon d800 vs. Nikon d810 absolutely no difference.

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