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Welcome to Peas for Prosperity! Here in the South, we take our Peas seriously!  We love sharing our Southern tradition and thank you for stopping by.

Looking for the Perfect Gift?  Give Peas for Prosperity!  Inspired by the Southern tradition to eat Peas on New Year’s Day for Good Luck and Prosperity, Peas for Prosperity offers dried black-eyed peas in stylish, eco-inspired, gift packaging.  A tasty recipe from celebrated Southern cookbook author and chef, Virginia Willis is included and a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  Peas for Prosperity is the Perfect Gift for:

Hostess●Secret Santa ●Teacher ●Client ●Party Favor ●Wedding ●Engagement ●Shower

Custom orders are always welcome! Personalize your gift with your business  name, logo, or favorite recipe.

Meet the Founder of Peas for Prosperity – Christy Annis: People across the US have fallen in love with Christy’s story.  Eighteen months ago, Christy walked away from Corporate America, determined to never go back.  She was a recovering attorney, on a mission to recreate her life.  Frustrated by the lack of Outside-the-Box experience on her resume, she created Peas for Prosperity in November 2009 as a way to land her dream job.  She didn’t find her dream job…instead, she discovered a whole new life.  And she’s never looked back. Read More

Why Peas? It’s Southern Tradition to eat Black-eyed Peas on New Year’s Day for Good Luck and Prosperity in the coming year.  This tradition dates back to the Civil War, when armies of Union soldiers ravaged the southern countryside for everything they could steal.  The surviving Southerners were left with nothing……except Black-eyed Peas.   The Pea supply was left completely intact, saving the Southerners from starvation and giving the South a Second Chance. Read More.

I created the Peas to Paychecks program to help others who also need a Second Chance.   I work with several local Atlanta organizations that serve the disadvantaged by employing program participants on a part-time, temporary basis to perform product packing, production, and assembly activities until they are able to secure full time employment.  At Peas for Prosperity, we believe in helping people in need…..one pea at a time. Read More.

Peas for Prosperity donates a portion of the proceeds to charities that  help people who  need a Second Chance!

Peas for Prosperity is donating a portion of the proceeds from all holiday sales to the Atlanta Community Food Bank! We are happy to support this fantastic organization.

The Holiday Pea Sales Program: We’re super excited to launch the Holiday Peas Sales Program!  I got my Second Chance selling Peas, if I can do it, you can too!  I’m going to help you.   I’m looking for people who have had their lives affected by the recession and are looking to earn a little extra money over the holidays selling Peas.  It’s easy!   We’ll give you all the tools you need.  To learn more about the program, watch my video here.  Help make this Christmas, a Happy Christmas for everyone.

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